Vika Vakulyuk is a makeup artist, Moscow adoptive girl, we wanted to know more about her, her job and especially what the life of a young woman in Russia today looks like.

Cocktail Brut : Hello Vika !! I’m so happy to introduce a makeup artist to our readers !! We absolutely love your aesthetic so unique and avant-garde, we want to share this profession that we do not talk about so much and which is very present in the fashion world.

So you come from Moscou, how is it to live there ? What do you enjoy doing in your everyday life ?

Vika : Moscow is the city where you will never get bored. Moscow is the city where you want to be, want to create art, communicate with people, learn new things. You basically want to be a part of it, as it’s the place, where the majority of successful and talented people are in. The things I do on a daily basis depending on whether I am working or taking a day off. One day it may be an editorial for a fancy magazine with a huge crew, where certain boundaries are set. Another day I might call a friend over and bring to life my personal ideas which might look insane for the commercial industry, but that’s my vision which I want to spread.

Cocktail Brut : Tell us a little about your career, how did you manage to get a foothold in the makeup artist/hair stylist’s world ? What does it look like to practice this job in Moscow ?

Vika : Moving to Moscow a few years ago was a step of evolution in my career. I wanted to be in a creative community where you can be a part of something bigger, be around people, who think freely without any prejudice. With the help of friends who started giving positive reviews on my work, I started getting more and more job offers. Being an independent artist with no agency means that I can manage my own schedule and express things in my own aesthetic.

Cocktail Brut : Thanks to Instagram I discovered your work and some of your photos have been shared by many magazines or "mood board" accounts. Has this platform been a stepping stone for you ?

Vika : Instagram is a reflection of my vision. It’s a tool for growing an audience, but it’s not my goal to increase a number, the only thing that matters is that they share my views. I’m pleased that they come from all over the world. This platform introduced me to successful makeup artists/art directors/stylists and people interested in makeup art.

Cocktail Brut : If you had to give one advice to an inspiring future makeup artist ?

Vika : Don’t be afraid to create what you really want even if people think it’s weird. Mistakes should be made, whether you are a beginner or a pro, that’s a stage of growth. Look for references as no one is 100 % original nowadays. Just try to use it in your own way.

Cocktail Brut : Where does your inspiration come from ? Everything is so colorful and pictorial ! Do you have other makeup artists that you like ?

Vika : To stay updated, I try to consume everything happening in the fashion world, every day. I try to compile almost every article that I see via social platforms in order to be in trend and relevant as for commercial or avant-garde projects. That is way Isamaya Ffrench or Thomas de Kluyver would be a nice example of a combination of proficiency to work for luxury brands and post-modern.

Cocktail Brut : And what about your favorite artist of all time ? 

Vika : It is difficult to single one out simply because I don't like limiting myself. I prefer to keep my eye on different types of art. This lets me make links in my head - it is interesting how completely distinct movements originate from each other, what actually causes the change. Makes me think how even with the biggest differences there are always similarities. This stream of change in art is what inspires me. But if I need to highlight a few contemporary artists, it will be Blanca Miró Skoudy, Laura Catherine Soto, Kensuke Koike.

Cocktail Brut : I imagine that your work makes you travel a lot and allows you to discover new places, where do you feel the best out of Moscow ?

Vika : Honestly, I feel the best in my hometown, where my family lives. It is located in the Far East of Russia, near Japan and China. Beautiful nature that is very inspiring and relaxing. You literally teleport there within like 8 hours and find yourself on the other side of the world, where the combination of sea elements and bright sun make you forget about all problems, rest from the megapolis rhythm and reboot the system.

Cocktail Brut : If we could visit you in Moscow, where would you take us ?

Vika : I will simply take you on a picnic and introduce you to my friends. They are all people of art, you’ll love them! Another day we might have a night out and go to a bar, where one of my friends will have a DJ set.

Cocktail Brut : Let’s talk about fashion ! What are you most interested in right now ? (brands, fashion shows, books...)

Vika : Since I work in fashion industry I need to keep an eye on what’s going on in society. I follow not only makeup artists, but also all members of production (art directors, photographers, stylists). Enjoy watching old school videos and shootings of the past epoch. For instance, I like delicate aesthetics of Jacquemus, Paola Vilas, Hernán Herdez, Faustine Steinmetz. As for experimental and radical ones : Rick Owens, Dom Sebastian, Western Affair. Other brands I admire : Bottega Veneta, Y/Project, Etudes. Magazines and its concepts : Love Magazine, Dazed Beauty, Novembre magazine, Re-edition mag.

Cocktail Brut : What are your favorite items in our e-shop Cocktail Brut ?

Vika : The blouse prairie House of Sunny, pants halapi from Simonett, and mules havanes café De Las Cuevas.

Merci beaucoup Vika !! <3