luisa meirelles

We had the pleasure of interviewing the beautiful Luisa Meirelles, who came from Brazil for a month of vacation in Europe! Spontaneous, natural, and very accessible, she answered our questions and told us about her journey.

Cocktail Brut : Hello Luisa, first of all thank you for this interview! Can you tell us more about yourself ?

Luisa: So, my name is Luisa, I'm Brazilian and I'm 27 years old! I have always lived in Brazil on an island and opened a fashion boutique there. And I like clothes!

Cocktail Brut : And what are you doing in France ?

Luisa: I came to visit my boyfriend who lives in Paris! But I am also there to discover the country, the fashion, the cooking, the culture ... For me, all of that is very rewarding!

Cocktail Brut : And what do you like about French culture ?

Luisa: I like the way of seeing life, I feel like beauty is everywhere here. And also, I truly appreciate the importance that is given to culture, to literature,, that people find themselves in cafes to talk about life. There is a perception of beauty stronger here than elsewhere.

Cocktail Brut : By the way, what are your inspirations ?

Luisa: Everything! People walking in the street, my friends, my family, the colors of fruits, nature: a mix of all that inspires me everyday.

Cocktail Brut : And do you have a French style icon ?

Luisa: I would say Jeanne Damas and also, when I was little, I read the book of Inès de la Fressange called "La Parisienne" and she said things about the French, the way of life, beauty and that inspired me a lot.

Cocktail Brut : And what did you prefer since you were in France ?

Luisa: THE WINE! It's different in Brazil! Here, I drink a lot!

Cocktail Brut : What is your ideal everyday outfit ?

Luisa: I'll say jeans and a little comfortable mesh top. It can also be a comfortable cotton dress, it can be chic and simple at a time!

Cocktail Brut : A favorite movie ?

Luisa: I think it's Cinema Paradiso.

Cocktail Brut : Your ideal weekend ?

Luisa: In Brazil, I go to the beach, and I eat a fruit that looks like an ice cream called acai, it's super cool. I will also go for a sport, I like running and yoga. I will watch a movie, drinking a glass of wine! Basically, things you can always do and that still give you so much fun & pleasure !

Cocktail Brut : Can you tell us more about your career, especially your shop ?

Luisa: I started 5 years ago with a summer collection online and after a year, we opened the first small shop in my city. I was alone and then there were people who joined me. Now we continue with the store and e-shop and 80% of sales are online. It's only in Brazil. We travel to take pictures! I now have 3 people working with me. We do everything together, we create and our styles are balanced.

Cocktail Brut : What's your best memory since the beginning of Luisa's shop ?

Luisa: The routine I think. I work with girls I love, we talk about work but also about life ! Nothing is impossible when we are together.

Cocktail Brut : Do you have an everyday mantra ?

Luisa: I think the gratitude for doing things I love is very important to me. Nothing is ever acquired ! You must always be yourself.

Cocktail Brut : Do you have plans/projects for the year to come ?

Luisa:  Yes, we want the brand to be distributed in other countries than Brazil, France for example! I think to live a little in Brazil & a little France. And then a little bit of music too! My boyfriend is a musician and I sing a little with him.

Cocktail Brut: And finally, what does it mean for you the term Cocktail Brut ?

Luisa: Cocktail Brut, I think it's for a girl who knows exactly what she wants!

Thank you very much Luisa <3