lucia cuesta

Lucia is our Cocktail Girl for February. You can discover more from her here.

Cocktail Brut : Hi Lucia, thanks for being the Cocktail girl of February. We LOVE your style. Can you please introduce you to our readers ?

Lucia : I am Lucia, I come from Madrid, I am entrepreneur & free-lance stylist.

Cocktail Brut : How would you describe the way you dress in three words ?

Lucia : I would say eclectic, convenient & vintage !

Cocktail Brut : Where does your inspiration come from ?  

 Lucia : It comes from the people that are around me, from art & travels, cinema, books … many things !

Cocktail Brut : How do you explain the success you got on Instagram with your outfits ? Is is significant for you ?

Lucia : I cannot explain it ! I guess it’s because I am natural maybe… I really have no idea. It brought me a lot a of work so far, I cannot deny it !

Cocktail Brut : What’s your goal in life ?

 Lucia : To stay myself.

 Cocktail Brut : What are your favorites brands ?

 Lucia : Gucci, Realisation & By Far (there’re a lot more but these ones are the most important !)

Cocktail Brut : In what country do you prefer being ?

 Lucia : Whatever, but Madrid is my city & I love living there.

Cocktail Brut : Are you more into music, cinema or reading ?

 Lucia : I love all three ! My favorite author is André Breton. Regarding cinema & music, I must say I cannot choose. I am a cinephile & I could not live without music, like everyone I guess !

 Thanks Lucia <3