#5 Lotta liina Love

Hi girls ! We are really happy to introduce you to Lotta, a very inspiring woman that comes from the North of Europe and that accepted to be our Cocktail Girl of December. We let you check her feed on Instagram which is full of crazy looks, outfits & poses. In this interview, she explains how she uses this platform, what truly matters to her and how she wants to impacts her community. Thanks again Lotta <3

Cocktail Brut : Hi Lotta ! I’m so happy that you are the Cocktail Girl of December ! Been following you from a long time through my personal account ! You are really an inspiration for a lot of girls and totally suit Cocktail Brut’s DNA ! Can you please introduce you to our readers ?

Lotta : I'm Lotta and I run the social media account 'Lotta Liina Love' which basically is my alter ego online, where I explore things I love (mainly slow fashion) via a sartorial take on what it means to be a 'modern day influencer'. So basically expect to see crazy clothes, crazy over the top concepts and insane posing masquerading as 'every day life online'. Basically I am an Influencer's Influencer. 

Cocktail Brut : What inspire you in everyday life ?

Lotta : Mostly other people. I love looking at what other people do online versus what they would do in their normal life and this is how I create my own editorial concepts for Instagram. 

Cocktail Brut : What’s your relationship with Instagram ?

Lotta : Instagram is just a platform where I can artistically express my interest and hopefully bring back a little intelligence into fashion, especially fashion via social media. 

Cocktail Brut : You became a fashion influencer (as we can see a lot of brands organizing partnership with you). Is it something you wanted ?

Lotta : For sure, but mainly in the sense that I love that I am building this community of other intelligent fashion lovers where we can discuss and explore our fashion fetish. Also now more than ever as it is pressing to take hard look at the environmental impact fashion has on our planet, and I am so grateful that I have this platform to open discussions about it.  

Cocktail Brut : What’s your deepest aspiration in life ?

Lotta : To own three dogs.

Cocktail Brut : The best advice you learnt so far in life ?

Lotta : To not compare yourself to others, we are all on our own time zones and start from so many different places in life it is not worth to look at what others have in comparison to yourself. 

Cocktail Brut : And the best advice someone have been given to you ?

Lotta : To not fuck with my 'natural' self. 

Cocktail Brut : Give your 3 favorites brands of all time !

Lotta : Maison Cleo, Olivia Rose the Label & Delfi Collective.

 Cocktail Brut : A movie for Christmas time ?

Lotta : The Grinch (2000). And currently all of the bad netflix algorithm based christmas movies, suuuuuuch a guilty pleasure. 

Cocktail Brut : Finally, what « Cocktail Brut » (raw cocktail) means to you ? Each one has its own interpretation !

Lotta : Sounds kind of healthy but fun (I'm not really sure I understand the question !!).