We are so thrilled to introduce you Justine alias @jorjadela that we loved at first sight for her style & universe ! Flowers, vintage & great outfits for a daily inspiration <3 She answered some of our questions and shared with us some of her inspirations !

Cocktail Brut : Hi Justine, at Cocktail Brut we really loved your poetic, flowered and suave universe and we wanted to know a little bit more about you. Could you introduce yourself ? Where are you from, what is your path and what activities do you do on a daily basis ?

Justine : My name is Justine and I’m 25, I’m from Ardennes but I live in Lille for several years now, where I studied law. I’m now working as a supervisor. While I’m not at work, I spend my time chasing vintage clothing and jewelry; I also enjoy go for a walk and take pictures. By now, I’m learning how to sew.

Cocktail Brut : You cultivate very well the Parisian girl style but yours is definitely colorful, sexy and bold. How would you describe your style and what is your inspiration ?

Justine : It is complicated to define my style, it is quite versatile and I do love a lot of different items, I don’t stay in an only one style. The one thing we can say is that my style is always colorful and feminine, with vintage pieces. I find inspiration in movies, on Instagram brands or women’s profiles that I love, but also in nature, art and fashion magazines.

Cocktail Brut : I noticed that you were listening to rap and R&B a lot and so do we at Cocktail Brut, do you have some songs to share with us ?

I listen to a lot of music, I can’t spend a day without it ! I enjoy many music styles, but I’ve always been keen on rap and hip-hop music. Recently, I’ve been listening to Biig Piig last album, Gahdamn by Kari Faux, Widdit by Lava La Rue, Blu Samu, Sober by Mahalia, Les Chemins by Jazzy Bazz and many others…

Cocktail Brut : What are your favorite locations in Paris or in Lille ?

Justine : I don’t go very much to Paris but when I’m going, I love to visit museums and unusual places. I would recommend Gustave Moreau museum or covered places like Galerie Vivienne of Saint-Ouen market, where I love to hunt for antiques ! In Lille, I spend most of my time at the equatorial glasshouse’s plant garden, visit Fine Art museum, go to eat a tajine at Place Sebastopol restaurant Souk, or drink a tea at Elizabeth’s in old Lille.

Cocktail Brut : What do you enjoy when the first sunrays show up ?

Justine : When it is hot and sunny, I enjoy go for a drink or go at the park with my friends to read a book, draw or listen to music.

Cocktail Brut : How do you imagine your future ?

Justine : I imagine my future in fashion, art or interior design.

Cocktail Brut : What is your sweet temptation ?

Justine : Lemon meringue pie !

Cocktail Brut : And finally, what are your favorite items on Cocktail Brut ?

Justine : My favorite pieces are Miista shoes, I already own some of them, this brand is one of my favorites ! I also love House of Sunny tops, I think I will buy the denim one soon !

Merci Justine <3