Isabelle Estrin

Isabelle Estrin is our Cocktail Girl of March. This beauty lives in New-York, USA & we definitely love her style. Enjoy your cocktail.

Cocktail Brut : Hi Isabelle, your name and all the glasses of wine you drink looks so familiar to us. Are you french-related ?

 Isabelle : Ah I wish! I'm not French, I am actually Russian but I love French culture and je parle français un peu!

Cocktail Brut : Could you introduce you to our audience ? Where do you come from ? Where do you want to do in the future ? And how are you in the present ?

 Isabelle : Hi I'm Isabelle! I am 23 years old from Atlanta but I now live in Brooklyn NY! I am not sure what I want to do in the future yet but I love New York and would love to be here for a bit, hoping to be working in fashion. I'm just taking it one day at a time. 

Cocktail Brut : You girl are so cinematographic ! Please tell us you 3 inspirations of all time (cinema, art-painting, music all confunded)

 Isabelle : Thank you! I am inspired by a lot of French films, everything Eric Rohmer has ever made! I also get a lot of inspiration from jazz music like Billie Holiday and Miles Davis. Solange and Sade are also huge inspirations for me, two powerful women that I admire so much. 

Cocktail Brut : You gain more and more visibility on the social media. Is it something that has an significant place in your everyday life ? Do you want to use it an a way or an other ?

 Isabelle : Social media is something that plays a role in my everyday life because I use it for daily inspiration and to keep up with my friends that are in different places across the world. I’ve also been trying to use social media as a means to normalize mental illness. I’ve been open about my struggle with anxiety disorders through social media which has allowed me to hear other people’s stories and encourage a conversation. Social media so easily can turn toxic so it’s important that we’re using it in a constructive manner. 

Cocktail Brut : Whats your biggest dream ?

 Isabelle : My biggest dream? That’s hard! I guess I just want my friends and family to be happy, corny but true! 

Cocktail Brut : Whats the best advice someone’s been given to you ?

 Isabelle : Go To Therapy !!!

Cocktail Brut : And the worse ? Ahaha

 Isabelle : “You should pluck your eyebrows”

Cocktail Brut : Finally, to be more fashion-focused, what accounts/brands do inspire you ?

 Isabelle : So so many! I love Maryam Nasir Zadeh, Simone Rocha, and Saks Potts. :) 

Thank you Isabelle <333