Emma Hoareau is skinfluencer and photographer, we had the chance to interview her and learn more about her life. We love her aesthetic, her pictures in pink tones and without editing !

Cocktail Brut : I'm very happy that you are part of the Cocktail girls of the month, we don't talk so much about skincare and beauty here, but it’s a subject that we appreciate a lot and that is part of our life! At Cocktail Brut we love your instagram very pinkish but also your sincere and simple beauty tips, can you tell us more about you ?

Emma : Thank you! Yes, I was born in Paris and lived there until I was seven, then I moved to England. My father is french and my mother english, so I always have spoken both languages. I studied art history at Leeds University in the north of England. I've always loved art because my mother was a painter, and when I was a child, we often went to exhibitions in the afternoons and weekends. At the moment, my days are busy with work. I am a photographer and beauty blogger, I like because my days are not alike. I have appointments, shootings and days to write on my website.

Cocktail Brut : I could understand that you were a journalist and "skinfluencer" (I really like this term haha), but also a photographer! Which explains why you have a very aesthetic way of showing your beauty routines. How do you work and what are your inspirations ?

Emma : I started my career as a journalist for magazines, but now I'm a photographer and blogger. I have always been very visual, I love to understand the different ways that people see the world. In my photos and on my Instagram, I try to share the way I see the world and how I understand "beauty". Recently, I started a new series of photographs: I take pictures of my friends and ask them questions about beauty. I love it because almost all answer me that the most beautiful thing that they saw during their life, it’s something very natural. It's so easy to forget about it with all the filters and retouching apps. Me too, I think that the natural, or just to be without makeup, is always something magical. It's the things that are not "perfect" that are actually the most beautiful and that's where I find my inspiration.

Cocktail Brut : Your perfect day, what does it look like ?

Emma : Sun, sea, a book and a camera of course.

Cocktail Brut : Can you share with us your favorite movie ?

Emma : Le ballon rouge, it reminds me of my youth.

Cocktail Brut : What is the best beauty advice you've learned ?

Emma : To protect me from the sun.

Cocktail Brut : What is your biggest dream ?

Emma : To have a house by the sea.

Cocktail Brut : Do you see beauty and fashion with the same look ?

Emma : For me fashion is a style, I wear almost the same things but in different colors. Beauty, yes I have products that I use every day, but it's also a little more fun. You can have fun putting orange lipstick, but with my clothes I try to stay more minimal.

Cocktail Brut : Do you like vintage or do you prefer designer pieces ?

Emma : A bit of both !

Cocktail Brut : Can you choose your 3 favorite pieces from Cocktail Brut ?

Emma : The Miss Crofton black lace set, the pale pink Hai mini bag, and the vintage pink cardigan.

Merci beaucoup Emma!!! <3