Clara Victorya is one of our most beautiful discoveries of this first year at Cocktail Brut, vintage girl with her own universe, it gives off a scent of freedom and independence. We interviewed her, and it's such a pleasure to read. Enjoy !

Cocktail Brut : Hello Clara ! Thank you so much for this interview !! So you make videos on Youtube and you created your brand of clothes Relique Paris with your boyfriend, how look like your everyday life now ?

Clara : My days right now are quite busy, I'm moving out so I spent a lot of time to fill the packing cases for the removal, sorting my stuff and looking for vintage furnitures ! Before that my days were punctuated by the editing of my videos and sewing, collages. I can’t wait to come back to this rhythm!

Cocktail Brut : How would you describe your world ?

Clara : My world, I will describe it as offbeat (compared to our time) and nostalgic. While I have the ability to shoot in high definition, I prefer to shoot with my VHS cameras. Likewise for my style, I like everything that is old/vintage.

Cocktail Brut : You are young and yet your course is already very interesting, you touched a little at all before knowing what you liked to do and after stopping your photography studies, you throw yourself as an autodidact. Can you tell us more about your projects ?

Clara : I've always wanted to go forward alone, for me, it's a form of freedom and independence. After being accompanied or supported it's nice too, but I feel more pleasure and satisfaction to do things myself without necessarily helping me. I like to go at my own pace, I learn better alone ! Compared to my projects, I have a lot. Already launching me on YouTube was a big step ... Before that, I created my "brand" of clothes with my friend Relique. I manage sewing and he does communication and orders.

Cocktail Brut : Where do you see yourself in 10 years ?

Clara : In 10 years, I do not know too much ... of course I set goals to achieve but I do not necessarily see myself in a specific place with a specific situation. I avoid torturing my mind, we'll see what the future holds for me !

Cocktail Brut : You started Youtube a few months ago, what does it bring you for the moment ?

Clara : Youtube gives me a lot of visibility and opportunities certainly, but above all it pushes me to do many things always more creative !

Cocktail Brut : What is your vision of fashion ?

Clara : For me clothes is a way to assert oneself, to feel good, but also to create a world and constantly reinvent oneself. As I said in one of my videos, for me there is no more "fashion", everyone can create his style as he wants and mix trends and eras.

Cocktail Brut : Where do you find inspiration for your outfits or what you create ?

Clara : Inspiration comes to me like that, I do not know how to explain ... I can be inspired by people, situations, films, old fashion magazines ... I am very observant, a little inspires me !

Cocktail Brut : What is your favorite movie ?

Clara : When I was little, my favorite movie was Big Fish by Tim Burton (I love his world). Growing up I discovered the world of Wes Anderson, and the movie The Grand Budapest Hotel is clearly one of my favorites. I love the Tenenbaum Family too. Finally, all his movies are my favorite movies ahah !

Cocktail Brut : Your dream destination to traveling ?

Clara : I would say Greece (especially the Cyclades but not Mykonos, it's less authentic) it’s not very far from France but you're quickly disoriented and it’s not very expensive! I have been there three times in two years exploring a little more each time, I really loved it the first time and I could go back all the time, but hey we have to explore the rest of the world ! I would love to do all South America in detail and Asia too, I hope for soon !

Cocktail Brut : Your perfect day, what does it look like ?

Clara : Getting up early ! Making me a big iced coffee. Watch videos while getting myself ready ! After that, a bit of video montage or sewing. Go out to see my friends or make thrift stores. Then going home take a shower, eat a nice dish prepared by my boyfriend (I do not know how to cook ahah) while watching a movie on my projector with him. Going to bed (not too late) and feel productive.

Cocktail Brut : Can you tell us what are your 3 favorite pieces from Cocktail Brut ?

Clara : House of Sunny's beige crochet bra, Simonett's Halapi pants and Lostanges' Studio bag/basket !

Merci Clara !! <3